Why Artificial Intelligence Is On The Frontlines In Cybersecurity


Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly ushering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and is taking a central role in every type of business division and organization imaginable. The IT industry is at the forefront of the adoption curve, with AI being deployed most successfully in cybersecurity, protecting a company’s infrastructure, data and digital assets.   

The State of Cybersecurity

Security operations at a mid-size company generate more than 200,000 alerts on an average day. These alerts often relate to repetitive problems, such as employees trying to log in to digital networks using the wrong credentials. However, the alerts can also indicate more severe issues, such as evidence of unusual user behavior—like a logged-in user instantly teleporting from a campus location to a jurisdiction many thousands of miles away. 

The amount of human capital and organizational resources required to adequately investigate more than 200,000 incidents, even with a massive Fortune 500 IT budget, is extremely challenging - if not impossible - for the vast majority of companies. Additionally, cybersecurity professionals are in extremely high demand, and most organizations’ IT teams are struggling just to maintain normal daily activities. It is simply not feasible or cost-effective to pursue every single incident notification.

Security is Easily Compromised

All it takes is a single misplaced mouse click to trigger a phishing operation that can lead to a costly and reputation-destroying data breach. The average cost of a data breach in the U.S. is more than $8.64 million, a sum that can climb exponentially depending on the type of corporate or customer data leaked, by who, and for what purpose. 

As a result, most organizations face severe and persistent cyber threats every day, with too many unable to interpret the security alerts they receive adequately, leaving little chance of ensuring 100% visibility in real-time. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) systems come in. 

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How AI Helps Secure Networks

AI offers an immense utility that allows your organization to cut through the avalanche of daily alerts and security events to ensure that automatic corrective actions follow as soon as anomalous behaviors are identified. A modern artificial intelligence system can offer unprecedented protection even when compared to a fully staffed, advanced IT team attempting to accomplish the same task.

Artificial intelligence is at the front lines of cybersecurity because it provides the support to safeguard organizations and ensure that intrusions are identified, contained, and remediated through a series of processes that are always available, 24/7, and fully automated. 

Upgrade to the World's Most Advanced Managed eXtended Detection & Response (MXDR) System

The stakes have never been higher. 

Every 11 seconds, cybercrime hits another organization. There has been a 600% increase in cybercrimes since the start of the global pandemic, and the most damaging malware variants such as ransomware have seen a 1,318% increase in just the last year alone. In fact, the cost of global cybercrime looks likely to exceed $6 trillion in 2021, and experts say this will rise to $10.5 trillion by 2025. 

Cybercrime is an international issue with immense ramifications for American businesses. It does not matter what industry you operate in, how many employees you have, or your public reputation. There are brazen cybercriminals out there who will stop at nothing to target your organization in an attempt to profit off your data. 

Artificial intelligence helps level the playing field to make it easier for IT professionals to cut through the noise of alert fatigue to ensure they focus on mitigating the most serious security issues, without wasting energy on things that are not really leading to more risky security outcomes. 

MXDR is Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity

The clock is ticking, and time is running out. Every day, more organizations suffer from advanced and persistent cyber threats that can dramatically threaten their reputation or future earning potential. MXDR services are the future of cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence is the leading innovation driving the industry. 

By implementing Securus360’s MXDR offering, you harness the full power of artificial intelligence to secure your organization’s digital ecosystem and employ three full protection layers as outlined below, which act to protect your network and data: 

  1. Advanced Threat Detection Layer 
  2. AI & Analytics Layer
  3. Service Delivery Layer


Start protecting your business with the power of AI. Access a free cybersecurity threat assessment to understand where your network is most vulnerable and how we can help!

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