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Cyber Attacks to K-12 Education Are Surging



Average Frequency of Ransomware Attacks


K-12 Organizations

Hit By Ransomware in 2021



Average Cost of Remediation from a Ransomware Attack

A cybersecurity storm is brewing in the education sector. Increased reliance on technology, robust remote learning programs and severely underfunded IT departments make K-12 Education organizations a prime target for vicious cybercriminals.

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Solving Cybersecurity for the K-12
Education Sector

Cyber criminals don't rest, and neither should your cybersecurity. Threats are becoming more advanced by the second and are increasing in volume at an alarming rate. Ransomware, phishing, DDOS attacks, malware, among other threats are a real and present threat to your network. One vulnerability leaves an open door to these relentless criminals.

Securus360 utilizes an award-winning, cloud-native approach that combines machine learning (ML), security automation, and human intelligence to create a high speed and high touch cyber defense solution that proactively hunts, detects and helps neutralize advanced threats before they can impact your business.

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