Vulnerability Assessment Scan

Identify & Manage Your Cybersecurity Risk

Discover & Assess Unknown Vulnerabilities Within Your Network

Cyber risks are evolving faster than traditional cybersecurity tools can adapt. If your networks have unidentified vulnerabilities, your risk of a cyberattack is increasing by the second.

A Vulnerability Assessment from Securus360 is an all-inclusive, risk-based vulnerability evaluation that scans internal and external networks to identify, assess and prioritize critical vulnerabilities. Discovering the "blind spots" within your organization and effectively achieving complete visibility to your network allows you to measure the efficacy of your current cybersecurity programs and prioritize an enhanced cybersecurity posture. You cannot protect what you cannot see.

Take action to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks. Your cybersecurity protection starts with a Vulnerability Assessment from Securus360!

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of Cyberattacks target SMBs


SMBs Do Not Have an Adequate Cybersecurity Posture


Rate of Increase of Cyberattacks to SMBs since 2020



Average Cost of Remediation from a Ransomware Attack

"Securus360 helped us to monitor [our network] and prevent future attacks."
-Dr. Stephen Choi, Chief Technology Officer for San Marino Unified School District

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Vulnerability Assessment

End-To-End Vulnerability Management


Discover, assess, prioritize, and patch critical vulnerabilities and reduce cybersecurity risk

  • Understand, manage and mitigate your cybersecurity risk
  • Analyze and prioritize vulnerabilities across internal and external networks
  • Identify and inventory all IT and IoT assets in your environment

Network Mapping

Visualize and Evaluate Complex Network Systems

Scan and illustrate all ports within your internal and external networks to discover exploitable vulnerabilities across your digital infrastructure

  • Comprehensive overview of all ports
  • At-a-glance asset visibility and categorization including installed software
  • This identifies any "blind spots" within your infrastructure

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Next-generation cybersecurity is at your fingertips with the powerful protection of Managed eXtended Detection & Response from Securus360. Eliminate threats BEFORE they impact your organization.

Vulnerability Assessment FAQ's

A: Vulnerability Assessment is the process of locating and detecting vulnerabilities (or potential vulnerabilities) on your network/devices before cybercriminals can use your infrastructure weaknesses against you.

A: A Vulnerability Assessment delivers information concerning an organization’s IT infrastructure weaknesses, typically in an easily readable reporting format. Most importantly, Vulnerability Assessment offers direction and risk assessment for any weaknesses uncovered by informing the organization of what they need to patch to help prevent unauthorized intrusions. This operation provides a clear understanding of cyber risk, assets, and security flaws, ultimately decreasing the chances of bad actors compromising an organization’s systems.

A: Securus360 offers an unauthenticated scan of your internal network and securely provides the results to you in a report. A visual map of your network is available as an optional, additional service.

A: This allows you to view the vulnerabilities an attacker could leverage against you just by being on your network, even without having any credentials for the systems they’re attempting to compromise.

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