School districts are now the prime target for cyberattacks.

But many districts aren’t equipped to counter sophisticated, global threats.

Recent K-12 Cyber Attacks

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Targeting K-12 School Districts

Increasing attacks on K-12 school districts mean student and staff data is more vulnerable than ever. With mounting pressure from school administrators and parents, protecting your school from any breach is essential.

We believe students’ identities and sensitive data should never be at risk.

One person’s click on a bad link shouldn’t bring your school
to a grinding halt.

With Securus360, you gain peace of mind knowing you have someone in your corner, no matter what happens.

Cybersecurity is complex and constantly evolving.
It's not a matter of if a breach will occur but when.

Gain access to a robust catalog of services to support your school district.

MXDR Platform

Leverage machine learning backed by human insights to pinpoint and resolve any threat with our Managed eXtended Detection and Response platform.

Secure the entire school district with a 360-degree protective defense around your infrastructure.

Close gaps in your network with powerful threat detection across every component.

Deploy intuitive AI to continually monitor for known threats and identify new cyber attackers.

Sleep soundly knowing your district's network is being constantly scanned.

Leverage our deep analysis to ensure you're only alerted when the risk is valid.

Rely on our cyber experts to promptly investigate, verify, and contain every threat.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Services

Detect, mitigate, and stop any threat before it wreaks havoc on your school district. Automated response services enable us to rapidly respond to any risk.

Comprehensive Analysis

Deliver internal progress updates with a comprehensive monthly executive risk report. Analyze your quarterly vulnerability assessment and stay ahead of the changing threat landscape.

Let our team of trusted advisors take care of cybersecurity, so you can focus on bigger things.

At Securus360, we put the protection of student and staff identity and data at the center of everything we do.

We equip K-12 school districts with world-class cybersecurity services to protect and defend your network from any breach.

We Deliver

Products optimized for school districts: We’re singularly
focused on cybersecurity for K-12 schools, so we know the
specific threats targeting your district.

A razor-sharp focus on innovation: Our commitment to
continuous improvement means you'll be ready for any
evolving threat.

Purpose-built hybrid intelligence: We combine machine
learning and human insights to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Full transparency: Our straightforward processes and
communication ensure you’ve got strategic support every step of the way.

We understand how much pressure you’re under to defend your school district against constantly evolving threats.

We’re proud to work with the country’s top school districts.


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