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Eliminate the Cybersecurity Blind Spot

Securus360 Platform

Traditional SIEM-based security monitoring cannot detect complex, targeted, or unknown attacks. It is unable to analyze a high volume of varied data. In short: it is unable to defend against next-generation cyberattacks.

In response, we have evolved beyond SIEM, and deliver a truly comprehensive MXDR service powered by next-generation AI combined with the industries top human intelligence in the form of over 1,000 cyber security analysts pre-qualifying alerts before they are seen by a Securus360 client.


Securus360 utilizes a big data platform and uses next-generation algorithms to detect complex, targeted and unknown attacks. We can continuously analyze your organization’s data to detect threats in near real-time. Once a threat is detected, our platform accelerates and fully orchestrates a fast, accurate, and effective response to remediate the threats in minutes, not days, weeks or months.

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