Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

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Is Your Endpoint Protected?

Once an attacker compromises an endpoint, they laterally spread (Aka Lateral Movement or East West Movement) to other systems and accounts until they reach their ultimate objective. Protecting against every endpoint threat is impossible. Instead, organizations are shifting their focus to fast detection and response through a Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) service.

How We Protect Endpoints

Securus360 Managed EDR agents continuously monitor and proactively hunt for known and unknown threats in each of your endpoints, providing complete visibility of potential threats.

  • Anticipate Advanced Endpoint Threats with Actionable Threat Intel
  • Uncover Advanced Malware with AI Driven Threat Hunting
  • Get autonomous response to remediate threats swiftly

When our advanced endpoint analytics detects suspicious behavior, our AI driven platform analyzes the threat. Once a threat is validated, we take immediate action to contain the compromised endpoint(s), resolve the threat, and protect your endpoints against future similar attacks.

Securus360 EDR can:

Detect Known and Unknown Threats – Our EDR service does not rely on rules that only protect against known threats. Our EDR’s advanced analytics identify and contain previously-unknown threats, while defining the root-cause of the attack.

Stop In-Progress Attacks – By continuously monitoring endpoint behavior our EDR service can uncover previously-undetected advanced attack campaigns before they achieve their objective.

High Speed Response to Endpoint Incidents – By offering detection and response services under one platform, and combining advanced machine learning with skilled security staff, Securus360 can resolve a security incident as soon as it is uncovered cutting coordination time substantially.


A: EDR stands for “Endpoint Detection and Response.” It detects threats on your endpoints and analyzes the nature of those threats, allowing IT teams to determine how the threat was deployed, what may have been compromised, what the threat is attempting to do, and most importantly, contain the threat.

A: Once an EDR solution has been deployed, it leverages heuristic algorithms and various data analytics techniques to analyze the endpoint system level behavior in order to provide contextual information that can be used to investigate and detect threats. It can block malicious activities and provide remediation suggestions to restore affected systems. EDR is essentially a trusted and faithful companion that will alert you and take appropriate action when it encounters malicious patterns of behavior on the system where it’s installed.

A: Everywhere. Every organization, regardless of industry, should have an EDR in place for optimal protection. If you have endpoints, which every business does, you should have an EDR solution in place as well.

A: EDR is just one component of your cybersecurity posture, and while a good EDR will provide solid protection, it is not enough on its own to be considered secure. EDR is only really concerned with what happens on the endpoint and does not care about the network itself. Due to this, other security implementations are necessary in your cybersecurity posture, such as a SIEM/MDR/MXDR, Next-Generation Firewall, IDS/IPS, isolated VLANs, etc. Additionally, EDR does not always offer traditional Antivirus as well, such as relying on signature matching, which is necessary to detect threats that are already knowns. Furthermore, if malware somehow makes it past your EDR, there’s nothing else to protect your network if your EDR is your only defense.

A: No. Traditional Antivirus is needed as well since it looks for known threats via techniques such as signature matching, whereas an EDR looks more at user/endpoint behavior. Some EDR solutions incorporate traditional Antivirus as well, but not all, and quality may vary between vendors.

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