Why Relying on EDR for Threat Detection is Not Enough


Security threats in the education industry are increasing at an alarming rate, so much so that education now tops all other industries as the #1 target for cyber criminals. School districts need to take proactive steps now to ensure their data and assets are kept secure.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a type of threat detection technology that can help detect, analyze, and respond to malicious activity on a computer or network. However, while EDR can be a useful tool in the fight against cyber threats, it may not be enough to ensure a school’s security.

EDR monitors activity across a network primarily on endpoints and servers, to detect threats that may not be immediately visible. EDR systems are designed to detect unusual behavior in real-time and provide detailed insights into the root cause of a potential threat. This helps security teams quickly respond and remediate any malicious activity, minimizing the impact. However, despite the benefits of EDR, relying on it as the sole security measure for threat detection may not be enough.

There are limitations to EDR that need to be considered when developing an overall security strategy. One limitation is blind spots which are areas of the network where EDR is unable to detect potential threats. Blind spots can occur due to outdated or incompatible software and unmonitored devices. Bad actors are increasingly targeting unprotected devices that may not be equipped with the necessary security features to detect or respond to potential threats.

Another limitation for EDR is cloud-based environments, where network traffic is often encrypted or obscured. EDR tools may be unable to monitor network activity effectively, making it difficult to detect any unusual behavior or malicious activity. In addition, EDR tools are generally designed to focus on detecting threats after they have already penetrated the system. If a threat is able to evade EDR detection, it could potentially go unnoticed until it has caused significant damage to the network. Once attackers gain access to a network, they can move laterally and infect other systems or devices.

Finally, EDR requires a significant investment in skilled professionals. Skilled analysts are necessary to configure, manage, and respond to EDR alerts. A lack of skilled professionals can lead to a failure to identify and respond to security incidents effectively.

To address these blind spots, schools need to supplement EDR with other security measures, such as network segmentation, access control, and security awareness training. It is important to implement a multi-layered security approach that combines different technologies and processes to detect and prevent threats from multiple angles. Furthermore, it is critical to ensure that EDR is integrated with other security tools and technologies to provide a comprehensive view of network security. By leveraging the strengths of different security solutions and technologies, organizations can enhance their threat detection and response capabilities and protect their critical assets against cyber attacks.

Overreliance on EDR may create a false sense of security. EDR provides valuable insights into the endpoint security posture, but it does not address all cybersecurity challenges. Organizations need to adopt a holistic approach to cybersecurity, combining different technologies, tools, and best practices to reduce the overall risk of a cyber attack.

Securus360 is focused exclusively on the K-12 education space and has developed a proven cybersecurity approach that is deployed at schools across the United States. The Securus360 Managed eXtended Detection & Response (MXDR) platform provides comprehensive protection against cyberattacks, including: detailed and ongoing vulnerability assessments, 24/7/365 real-time threat hunting, monitoring & detection, automated incident response and hybrid intelligence-based security analytics that combine Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with human cyber security analysts to ensure maximum alert accuracy.

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