Level-up your Pentesting with Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)


Cybersecurity threats are always evolving, and you need every advantage you can get to stay ahead of new, sophisticated attacks from global cybercriminal organizations.

Securus360 is excited to offer a new powerful, but very cost-effective way to your pentesting with our Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) tools. This new technology can mimic any type of cyberattack to test your school district’s infrastructure against known attack techniques, including the latest, most sophisticated types of attacks being deployed by ransomware groups such as LockBit, Medusa, Hunters Int’l or ALPHV.

These easy-to-implement BAS tools will mimic the exact conditions that might lead to your K-12 school district becoming the victim of a cyberattack. For instance, if a teacher fell for a phishing email or opened a malicious attachment, we could gain insight into exactly what would happen. Depending on the type of attack, we could determine which areas of your network would be left vulnerable and what kind of data the bad actors would be able to access, encrypt and exfiltrate. With this simulation, we can test against social engineering-based attacks that exploit human error (such as clicking on a malicious link in a phishing email or social media post) as well as attacks that are exploiting system vulnerabilities.

While BAS technology offers a process similar to traditional pentesting, it’s a much faster, more cost-effective way to efficiently test your network against common types of attacks. When cybercriminals launch a new type of attack on K-12 school districts, like what happened recently with the Medusa attacks, you can proactively test your environment against that type of attack. Securus360 has its finger on the pulse of the shifting attack landscape and ensures your network stays secure using BAS technology.

Here are some of the advantages of leveraging BAS tools in your school district:

Completely Automated Testing

No more hiring red and blue teams to run a time-consuming manual pentest that takes weeks to produce results. BAS tools utilize automated simulations, which means it’s a faster, more cost-effective way to test your networks against the types of attacks that are occurring right now. Traditional pentesting can take up to 90 days to conduct the tests and receive a report analyzing your security posture. With BAS tools, it only takes a few hours to run the simulation. As cyber threats are evolving lightning fast, it’s crucial to evaluate the health of your cybersecurity posture on a regular basis. BAS tests are standardized, so you know you’re getting consistent results, no matter what type of attack you’re simulating.

Dissolvable Agents

Since BAS tools are completely automated, there is no need to do any type of cleanup within the network after the testing is complete. When you hire a red team to attack your network, you must open a gap in your security posture to let them in, and once the test is done, you must remember to close that gap again. A BAS test is more secure than traditional pentesting, because it runs the simulation, compiles your report, and then shuts itself down, deleting all BAS installation files from your environment without leaving any gaps—it’s like we were never even there!

Report Card Remediation

After you’ve run a BAS test, you receive a report card, so you can shore up any gaps in your security posture. With traditional pentesting, results can take weeks, and by the time you’ve received your report, cybercriminals have moved on to a new type of attack. Using BAS tools, you can test for the newest most sophisticated threats and receive recommendations based on the current specific trends in the threat landscape.

Securus360 is now proud to offer cost-effective Breach and Attack Simulation technology to our clients. Once your K-12 school district is set up with our MXDR and monitoring services, you can add an extra layer of protection to your security posture with BAS tools. Boost your line of defense against an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape and ensure the security of your district’s network.

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