The Crucial Role of Cybersecurity for K-12 School Districts - A Synthesis of the latest CoSN Report


Education technology has been evolving at hyper speed over the past decade. Which means school districts are faced with both opportunities and challenges, within the digital landscape. If you talk to any K-12 tech leader, you’ll quickly learn that one of the most pressing concerns is cybersecurity, as schools have become the #1 target for cyberattacks. To shed light on the state of education technology and cybersecurity across school districts, the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) surveyed CTOs and tech directors responsible for managing and overseeing technology in K-12 school districts. By surveying these key leaders, CoSN aimed to gain valuable insights into the current “State of EdTech Leadership”, and understand the challenges and priorities related to cybersecurity in K-12 school districts.

Our own K-12 cybersecurity experts have reviewed this report and we’re sharing the most illuminating findings of the report and their insights into the critical topic of K-12 cybersecurity.

Key Takeaways and Insights from the CoSN study:

1. Cybersecurity Tops the List of Concerns:

The CoSN study reveals that cybersecurity is the predominant concern for CTOs and tech directors in K-12 school districts. As the education sector continues to integrate technology into various aspects of learning and administration, the risk of cyber threats escalates. Hackers see educational institutions as lucrative targets due to the abundance of sensitive information they possess. The CoSN report highlights how educational leaders are acutely aware of this growing threat and recognize the urgency to fortify their cybersecurity measures.

2. Insufficient Cybersecurity Resources Puts Districts at Risk:

Given the growing cybersecurity concerns, one-third of surveyed CTOs and tech directors express apprehension about their district's ability to counter cyber threats effectively. Budgetary constraints and limited resources mean most school districts aren’t able to put foundational – let alone comprehensive – cybersecurity solutions into place. Without adequate resources, school districts find themselves ill-equipped to combat the ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated tactics of cybercriminals. Without enough resources, staffing and cutting-edge solutions, school districts have become a prime target for cyber attackers.

3. Absence of Dedicated Cybersecurity Staff:

One of the most alarming findings of the CoSN study is that a staggering 66% of K-12 school districts do not have a full-time cybersecurity position. The absence of dedicated cybersecurity experts within school districts leaves them vulnerable to attacks. In today's complex threat landscape, it is essential for districts to have specialized professionals who can proactively identify vulnerabilities, implement robust cybersecurity solutions, and respond swiftly to any cyber incident. Without such expertise, schools are at greater risk of being blindsided by cyberattacks that could have devastating consequences for students and staff. While the lack of full-time cybersecurity staff is alarming, this combined with limited budgets and resources creates a situation where district IT teams are fighting an uphill battle against cyberattacks and are having a hard time keeping up with this growing threat against their districts.

So, what does this mean for your school district? Finding the right cybersecurity partner is essential:

In the face of these challenges, Securus360 emerges as the ideal partner to support K-12 school districts in fortifying their cybersecurity defenses. The CoSN report underscores the importance of securing student identity and sensitive data. We firmly believe that students’ identities and personal information should never be at risk.

We understand how much pressure you’re under to defend your school district against constantly evolving threats. Bad actors never sleep. But fortunately – neither do we (our AI-supported cybersecurity platform and SOC provide 24/7/365 protection).

With Securus360, you’ll be confident your network is protected from any breach, and your IT team and district leaders will have peace of mind, thanks to our:

  • Products and services optimized for school districts: We’re singularly focused on cybersecurity for K-12 schools, so we know the specific threats targeting your district
  • Razor-sharp focus on innovation: Our commitment to continuous improvement means you'll be ready for any evolving threats – even the most sophisticated and never before seen threats
  • Purpose-built hybrid intelligence: We combine machine learning and human expertise to make sure no threat is missed
  • Full transparency: Our straightforward processes and proactive communication ensure you’ve got strategic support every step of the way

Schedule a demo with Securus360 today to see how we can help make your district more cybersecure.


The CoSN study unequivocally demonstrates the pressing need for cybersecurity in K-12 school districts. The insights gathered from CTOs and tech directors emphasize the urgency to act, especially with the rising number of cyberattacks targeting educational institutions. As a pioneer and thought leader in cybersecurity specialized for school districts, Securus360 stands ready to defend and protect every K-12 district to create a safe and secure digital learning environment for students, educators, and administrators all over the country.

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