Webinar Series: Cybersecurity Best Practices

Ransomware-as-a-Service is Changing the Game

How School Districts Can Protect Themselves

Presenters: Daniel Eickhoff (K-12 Cybersecurity Specialist / Securus360) & Jeff Teitelbaum (Sr. Solutions Engineer / Securus360)

We’re seeing a shift in the way Ransomware groups are operating: Instead of focusing on one victim at a time, they are now targeting hundreds of school districts indiscriminately and in blanket attacks. Any size district is now much more likely to be attacked. Being prepared with the right countermeasures, defense strategies and threat hunting technologies is more important than ever


  • Shift in the Way Ransomware Gangs Are Operating
  • Major Gangs, “Market Shares”, and Tactics
  • Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack
  • How Districts Can Protect Themselves


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