RED ALERT: The LA School system was hacked over the holiday weekend!


The Los Angeles Unified School District was suffering from major technical issues Monday after it was subjected to an external cyberattack over the weekend, their district officials confirmed. Current reports label this cyberattack as "likely criminal in nature". Read more on this attack here:

While we don’t have any additional information on this particular cyberattack at this point – this is a startling representation of how real the problem is for organizations in the K-12 and Secondary Education sectors. In fact, a recent report from Check Point Research shows that the #1, most attacked, industry in 2021 was the Education sector. School districts face many challenges when it comes to cybersecurity protection; leading the list is a lack of technical resources and human analysts to address the problem, leaving the organizations highly vulnerable to attack. Cybercriminals are hyper-aware of these vulnerabilities within the education space, and as Check Point's report shows, the bad guys are winning.

Managed eXtended Detection & Response (MXDR) from Securus360 is the industry's most effective cybersecurity solution that delivers threat visibility across your entire infrastructure. Securus360 utilizes a cloud-native approach that combines AI, machine learning (ML), security automation, and human intelligence to provide a cyber defense solution that proactively hunts, detects and neutralizes advanced threats BEFORE they can impact your organization.

Many school districts are taking action to enhance their cybersecurity posture and protect their faculty, staff and student data. Learn more about how the San Marino Unified School District in Los Angeles, CA is benefiting from a trusted partnership with Securus360 here

As these criminals and attacks become increasingly sophisticated, so should your cybersecurity protection. Don’t wait to become the next statistic, start protecting your infrastructure now!

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