Ebook - What IT Leaders Need To Know Now About Growing Cybersecurity Risks


New Ebook: Did you know network security relying heavily on risk prevention leaves you open to critical blind spots in your network? This is one of the reasons there has been astronomical growth in cyberattacks over the last few years—many IT teams fail to employ lateral detection tools, and attacks are becoming much more sophisticated and frequent. 

Our new ebook, What IT Leaders Must Know About Cybersecurity, was designed with you in mind: CISO and IT leaders overseeing network security. We provide you with the latest information on the risks you face right now, highlighting what to do about lateral movements that often enter through internal means and cannot be stopped by preventative tactics.

Cybersecurity is Threated Daily

Cyberattacks have grown 600% since the pandemic started, with hackers taking particular advantage of the increase in remote workers, among other network failings. The U.S. National Security Agency warns ransomware attacks will rise over the next five years. There have been massive attacks in recent memory, with IT management software giant Kaseya hit hard, major federal agencies hit in the "SolarWinds" hack, and the Colonial Pipeline attack, to name a few. 

But we are being warned that it is not just the big guys. National Security Agency Director Paul Nakasone recently advised that U.S. businesses of all sizes and across every industry are under daily attack.

Fight Back on Cybercrime!

With off-the-shelf options that criminal opportunists and even competitors can tap into now, such as Cybercrime-as-a-Service and Ransomware-as-a-Service, you must understand all the risks your network is vulnerable to both externally and internally.  

In light of this, we have prepared a guide for CISO and IT leadership: What IT Leaders Must Know About Cybersecurity

Download our ebook to learn:

  • How remote work has increased risk to networks
  • How Managed eXtended Detection & Response (MXDR), not just prevention, helps IT teams thwart risk 
  • How to integrate MXDR into your tech stack
  • Other significant ways to protect your network in 2022
  • And much more!

The stakes are high. Arm yourself with the most up-to-date information and download our ebook.

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